Some of our services 


We can also generate accurate contour maps, which are shared by cloud based software. Distances, volumes and areas can be measured from any device. 

Repeat mapping can monitor changes over time. Maps can be 2 and 3 dimensional.

​We can also generate accurate maps, which can be overlaid with data such as utility maps and design plans. Multiple plans can be added to the same map in layers, with the facility to show or hide the different layers.

When a layer has been added you can take your map out on site on your mobile device and share it with the team.​


Drones can record the progress of the project, providing aerial images of the site, throughout the build.​ Aerial images are a great way to demonstrate what your company's work, keep financiers, clients or investors up to date.

Regular filming will show the progress or can highlight areas falling behind. 

Mistakes can be spotted earlier and put right straight away, reducing costs and delays.
Drones are able to safely survey dangerous locations, which can reduce workplace accidents and increasing site safety.

Workers can be monitored, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Buildings, chimney and infrastructure inspections:

Our drones can be flown close to buildings and structures, much closer than a helicopter or aircraft could ever get.

They can capture cost effective high definition photographs, indicating any signs of wear or damage.​​

They do away with the need for scaffolding, high reach platforms or working at height teams.

They are quicker and safer than traditional inspection methods, yet still provide comprehensive data.

Thermal imaging can detect leakage, in buildings and in overhead power lines.

Drone are cheaper than other options

Our chartered surveyor can provide you with a report.
Heritage sites and Golf Courses​​:

Online Video content is now the preferred way to learn about something, why not make your website more eye catching with an exceptional aerial video that really elevates your site above others.

At Helixcopters we use 4k Ultra HD technology to ensure we showcase your site to its best potential.

Alternatively, we can supply you with high quality, high definition aerial photographs, to enhance a website or for elsewhere. 

For golf courses we can film a single signature hole to a full promotional video of the club and facilities. 

Film & TV​​​, Events and Special occasions​​:

Photography from Helixcopters is a stunning way to capture events. Our innovative approach to acquiring breath-taking aerial photography will be sure to make your event stand out.​

What better way to show off your venue than with a video of a great event that's taken place there.  It shows potential users that they will be making the right decision in choosing your venue. 

Aerial photographs or footage of the bride and groom, taken with a drone, can really add that Wow factor to the photos and videos of the special day.


Crops can quickly be monitored by drones.

By scanning the plants multispectral images can be created, showing plant health.

As soon as a sickness is discovered, farmers can apply and monitor remedies more precisely, increasing a plant's ability to overcome disease.

This improves the efficiency of spraying, increases crop yield and, therefore, profit per field.