1. Five a side football under floodlights as the sunsets.
  2. Aerial photo of a nearly finished building site, on a bright sunny day
  3. Aerial view of a warehouse, showing it close proximity to Wembley stadium.
  4. Drone photo of a building site at ground level, with a church spire between the trees in the background
  5. Aerial photo of the landscaped back garden of a detached house
  6. Drone photo of a chimney stack with bricks missing
  7. An aerial view of a house and grounds on a sunny autumn day, taken by a drone
  8. Aerial drone shot of a series of canal locks called Neptune's staircase
  9. An aerial view of the London skyline on a bright sunny day, overlooking the river Thames from Southwark.
  10. Looking down from a drone onto a mobile phone mast at all the electrical apparatus
  11. An elevated view of a ruined house on a bright early morning, with fields in the background.
  12. A badly damaged car lies in a field at the side of the motorway