About Us
Welcome to Helixcopters, the only name you need to remember for your aerial photography, inspection and survey services. 
We can provide you with aerial photography, inspection and survey services, via the use of drones. 

We love flying drones, from carrying out high level aerial inspections and surveys, to creating exciting videos and taking stunning photographs, it's our passion and we are lucky enough to get to do it for a living as well.

We have worked with the likes of The Church of England, Biffa waste disposal, a number of estate agents, builders and even a classic car restoration company, the list goes on. We have produced promotional videos and provided aerial photography, as well as performing high level inspections, providing images of damage and wear and tear, which otherwise would be difficult to obtain. Whatever your requirements, be it web content, social media updates a full on promotional video or a survey or inspection at height, we can deliver it.

We currently monitor construction sites, providing video and photographic reports for managing directors and project managers. These can be shown to financiers and customers, keeping everyone informed and up to date.

Are you active on social media? We create video updates for building companies, they tell us it's a great way of showing off their work.

Another service we provide is inspections of roofs, high structures and generally hard to reach places. ​Using our drones can replace the need for working at height teams, high reach platforms or scaffolding, saving you time and money. 

Need something a little more specialised? We can survey areas to create accurate 2 and 3D maps of your project or site. These can be shared with the team, making it easier to keep track of progress. Errors can be spotted early, preventing them from growing into costly mistakes.

So if you are looking for affordable, quality aerial photography, inspection or survey services from a remotely piloted aircraft system (RPAS), commonly called drones, you are in the right place. Just ask us how we can assist with your project, we would be pleased to help.
The Team:

The Helixcopters team consists of Alan Morgan, Geoff Seaman and Andrew Morton.

Alan and Geoff Studied with Cambridge UAV Academy, Alan gaining his proof of competency certificate (CAP-C) in the theory section and is on his way to completing the practical assessment. ​​ Geoff has gained his full CAP-C certificate and has permission for commercial operations (PfCO), granted by the civil aviation authority (CAA). 

Andrew joined the company after seeing Geoff and Alan working, he felt this was an emerging industry he just had to be involved in, so joined the team in 2018. He is a successful businessman in his own right and we look forward to him bringing some of his expertise to the company.

Alan's hobbies include football, skiing and running. Geoff's hobbies include, running skiing and motorcycling​​. Andrews hobbies are too numerous to mention, but include cycling, running and  track days.