1. Drone photography
    Our drone photography services include: ​ Property & land Events, Weddings & other Special occasions Golf courses Heritage sites Film & TV​ Vehicles.
  2. Drone inspections
    Our drone inspection services include:​​ Buildings and land. Wind turbines, aerials, masts & chimneys. Environmental crime & fly tipping analysis
  3. Drone surveys
    Our drone survey services include: Agricultural surveys, showing plant health 2 and 3D mapping for construction sites, aggregates and quarries Thermal imaging surveys​
Aerial Photography and Videography 

Want to stand out from the crowd?

Need a promotional video to compete for online attention?

Got a product or project you want to promote?

Video content is now the preferred choice for people to make purchasing decisions, get consumer information or simply learn about something.

It's fast becoming the must have media on your website. 

We can provide you with stunning high definition drone videography, in up to 4K, to really give your presentation that WOW factor and really make you stand out.​​

Keep visitors to your site on longer, improve SEO ranking, increase your chances of securing a sale by adding some stunning drone filming that really shows your company off.​​

Aerial survey and inspections

Need to complete high level inspections? 

Want to reduce the risk associated with working at height? 

Looking for minimal disruption to your site? 
Want to reduce inspections costs? 

Our drones are ideal for performing inspections or surveys on tall structures, trees, roofing and other inaccessible high places. We can eliminate the need for working at height teams, scaffolding and high reach platforms, saving time and money. ​​

​​With our drones doing the inspections there's no need for anyone to work on scaffolding, high reach platforms or using a working at height team, thereby eliminating any working at height risks to employees.​​

You can chose from the two levels of inspection service we offer;

  • a complete, comprehensive inspection of your roof or structure by one of our drones, the results of which are analysed by our chartered surveyor, who will then provide you with a report on the findings
  • a simple drone inspection, where we provide you with the information, for you to analyse the results yourself.

We only need a small area from which to take off and land, so cause minimal disruption. We can complete an inspection quicker too, meaning possibly less or no down time for a site. 

As a contractor you can call upon us when you need us, no overheads of training and running a team of in house pilots and then purchasing and maintaining equipment. ​​

Drone photography
Aerial inspections and surveys
Video is now the prefered way to learn about something, why not make your site more eye catching with an exceptional aerial video that really elevates your website above others.

At Helixcopters we use 4k Ultra HD technology for super quality video.

Alternatively, we can supply you with high quality, high definition aerial photographs, to enhance a website or for use in promotional material. 

Our drones can fly high and close, to capture cost effective high definition photographs or video, safely, without the need for any working at height, scaffolding or high reach platforms.​​

They do away with the need for scaffolding, high reach platforms and working at height teams, all of which can be expensive. 

If you are looking to hire a drone pilot you are in the right place
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